Saturday, March 31, 2007

Draconian fines don't make sense


Boulder Daily Camera -- 3/26/07

Draconian fines don't make sense

As usual, Patrick Murphy again totally misses the point (Open Forum, March 22).

Fine someone $1,000 for going 20 feet off-trail to sit on a rock?

Fine the wonderful Audubon people $1,000 for going 10 yards off trail to photograph a bird?


All the people of Boulder financed this open space, and all the people ought to have reasonable use of it (including off-leash dogs).

Council and OSMP ought to take a big step back from micro-managing this issue, and let everyone enjoy what we have.

(P.S. I am not a dog owner.)



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don said...

Draconian fines exist elsewhere too and if anything should be attempted against it, the problem should be first exposed globally. It's not only in Boulder town/Colorado . Not only outdoor activity.

Maybe first we have to look traffic fines. Look just at fine for accidental parking on disabled space.

I say "accidental" for no one will deliberetly risk to pay five or ten times the usual parking fine.

don, toronto, canada