Thursday, February 15, 2007

Boulder OSMP Visitor Master Plan

A primary focus of the Boulder Outdoor Coalition is assuring that the City faithfully implements the spirit of its Visitor Master Plan.

This is a complex document that people interested in the issus should look at carefully.

In particular we want Open Space and Mountain Parks to live up to the principles outlined in this "Policies for the Future" section:

The Plan: Key Policies for the Future
The Visitor Master Plan is intended to maintain or improve the quality of visitor experience and ensure that Open Space and Mountain Parks natural values--which make this place special--are protected and preserved. The Plan presents the following guidance:

  • Extend a sense of welcome to visitors that fosters their enjoyment and appreciation of Open Space and Mountain Parks’ special resources
  • Invest in improving and expanding the trails system to enhance visitor access
  • Focus on visitor safety, maintenance of existing facilities, and resource protection
  • Emphasize education to motivate low-impact visitor use techniques
  • Use the least restrictive means possible to reduce visitor conflict and minimize impacts on the environment [boldface added]
  • Involve the public in managing Open Space and Mountain Parks lands by providing varied ways to give input to decisions and volunteer opportunities that foster learning and tewardship
  • Follow an adaptive management approach that involves monitoring the results of management programs and allows adjustments when necessary

The plan can be downloaded from:

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